Event Photography for Zest Communications

Event photography at an industry on-boarding couple of days at Nene White Water Centre in Northampton. Always fun shooting this kind of event.

JJ or BB?

Been getting up to London a bit recently to help my daughter on her A level art project. Whilst we were at Primrose Hill I thought we should re-create a picture by one of my all time favourite photographers: Bill Brant. That picture is of the painter Francis Bacon. Anyway, Rosie took the shot, and I don't think she's done too bad a job. You can check out the original here.

JJ BB.jpg

Sales Leaders Campaign for Avon / Cloud Nine Incentives

Here's a project I shot early this summer, finally got round to uploading. The Sales leaders campaign for Avon was shot in Watford, Crewe, Barnsley and Glasgow. I enjoyed working with Avon and Cloud Nine and most of all the Avon Sales Leaders. Interesting commercial photography project, always nice shooting people and working with some great teams. 

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Having a scan at Stoke Mandeville Hospital

It's always a bit of a privilege to be able to film in hospitals and to get an insight into the lives of the staff and patients. This video was produced for Oxford Medical Illustration who do great work shooting videos that cover all areas of health in Oxfordshire PCC and further afield. I'm lucky enough to shoot with them quite a lot: thanks OMI!

Remembering travel: Mt Athos, The Holy Mountain, 1993

Having seen the excellent photo essay by Rick Findler and Matt Fidler entitled 'The Holy Mountain: Monks of Mt Athos' in the Guardian on 5th January, I was reminded of my own trip to this mysterious monastic community back in 1993. Permits signed by the British and Greek Embassies my brother and I travelled up through Greece from Athens over a couple of days to finally catch the only boat that drops off and picks up once a day to this inaccessible peninsula at the very top of the country. Having embarked the next job is to find accommodation in one of the twenty monasteries that are situated all over Mt Athos. Luckily Monks driving past in a battered old pick-up stopped and invite us to stay in their monastery. Over the next few days we visited monasteries and experienced life as a monk, a way of life unchanged for many centuries. I wanted to take more pictures than I did: the monks were not happy to have their pictures taken at that time. The Guardian's article has given me the opportunity to visit my photographs again and post them here. They would have been taken using my Nikon FM2 and HP5 or FP4 film.