Future Filmmakers Programme at ORA

A couple of years ago I helped set up Future Filmmakers Programme with Oxford Royale Academy. You can see the first film produced 'Amidst the Flowers' elsewhere on this site. I'm delighted that this year there are more students and that once again I am helping with the shoots. Basically the excellent Bruce Windwood teaches day to day, but the premise of the course was that the students have a chance to work with pro crew to realise the scripts they have written. So that means that pro actors, sound recordist, camera and production assistants and me as director of photography. It's a chance for the students to really experience what it is like to be on (as near as possible) a pro shoot and learn some of the tricks of the trade. The students all get hands on the camera and get to direct, produce and work with actors. Last week was the practice shoot, and I may post a link to that later, but image below. Next week, full shoot, so it will be great to work with all the crew and students. Thanks to Dan for the image.